Goodnight New York

Friday, June 21, 2013

On Tuesday afternoon after 29 hours, 6 movies and little more than a pinch of sleep Mr M and I finally set foot on our fourth continent in less than two days – Australia.
After almost two years to the day in New York we were home. To stay. Well, at least for now.
And on leaving, I realised that I finally felt as though I really knew New York City. I understood the quirks of the R train, instinctively walked in the right direction after emerging from a subway station and could swipe my metro card without breaking stride (most of the time).  I could navigate (most) neighbourhoods without a map, had memorised the opening hours of Century 21 (go early!),  was accustomed to NY cawfee and, thanks to Mr M, knew the many street vendors to avoid.
Over the final week I traversed much of the City on foot, trying to imprint the place into my mind one last time.  I savoured my last Ample Hills and Blue Marble Ice creams (so I like ice cream..) had pizza at Eataly, walked the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, dodged the crowds at Macy's, shopped at MOMA, dined at Balthazar (Mr M's favourite NYC restaurant) and took one last walk evening walk on the Highline. Ahh, the Highline.
Our last month in the US, a month in which I failed to blog (apologies to my loyal readers) was much like New York City, rushed, chaotic and quite emotional with a good dose of drama. And I finally got to really know our neighbours in our Brooklyn apartment – just in time to leave. Miss M – Thanks for making me feel as though I wasn’t the most hysterical person in the building.
To my New York friends, thanks for the laughs, the cawfees, the walks, the weekends away, the shopping and the support, and the amazing facial at Erno Lazslo!
To West Elm, see you online.
And despite my absence from New York, I believe I have a few more blog posts in me. So stay tuned.

Afternoon Tea at the Crosby Bar

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
The Crosby Bar, Crosby St Hotel SoHo New York
The Crosby Bar, Crosby St Hotel SoHo New York
Yesterday afternoon, a chilly, not at all spring-like day, Srta L and I bustled our way along Spring St to Crosby St and into the Crosby Bar to meet up with Miss H. We plopped down onto the striped couch across from Miss H, who promptly –and very quietly– informed us of Courtney Cox’s presence just behind us, which I confirmed with a casual glance.
The Crosby Bar, Crosby St Hotel SoHo New York
Now I am a big fan of this little bar/cafe, not because it is good for celebrity spotting, but because on a Tuesday afternoon it is quite empty, spacious and calm. And it was here in this elusive New York serenity that we spent the best part of the afternoon chatting over tea, iced tea and chocolate covered strawberries (which I can't guarantee are normally available), as well as a freebie super-cute mini apple sorbet cone. 
Of note, due to my concern about appearing paparazzi-like with my clunky DSLR and strange desire to allow other's their privacy, most of the photos shown were taken after Courtney's (aka Miss C's :) departure.
The Crosby Bar, Crosby St Hotel SoHo New York
The Crosby Bar, Crosby St Hotel SoHo New York

Wandering Williamsburg

Monday, May 6, 2013

View of Manhattan from Wythe Hotel Rooftop Bar in Williamsburg

After an unnecessarily long and confusing subway trip —thanks to weekend metro changes—we (Mr M, myself and our much awaited Aussie visitors Mr K and Miss P) finally emerged from Nassau Station in Greenpoint/Williamsburg, ready for coffee and eager to acquaint ourselves with this very hip Brooklyn neighbourhood.
We grabbed some take-away coffees from Five Leaves and strolled down towards the waterfront, on the way to Brooklyn Flea and on the lookout for some locals, or ‘hipsters’.  Mr K, who had been working on his holiday beard, was going to fit in just fine.   
Brooklyn Flea, my standard recommendation for any visitor, was bathed in glorious May sunshine and loaded with temptation at every turn. (See a previous blog post on Brooklyn flea). After a wander and a quick bite to eat we made our way up N 7th Street to Artists and Fleas for a little more browsing.  Here, the boys left us —for the first time that day— to find a pub.
We joined them not long after.
The pub, the rooftop bar at the Wythe Hotel (all the photos) was very nice indeed and not too busy as it was 2pm and had only just opened. Here we stayed sipping champagne cocktails and beer on some surprisingly comfortable slanty blue chairs until shadows stole our sunshine and we got cold. 
View from Wythe Hotel Rooftop Bar in Williamsburg
Wythe Hotel Rooftop Bar in Williamsburg
Wythe Hotel Rooftop Bar in Williamsburg
But our outing continued. We did a quick pop-in to Beacon’s Closet (a must for any vintage/thrift store junky) and then followed an SMS trail left by the boys to the Whiskey Bar across the road, where we finished the day with a little more beer. Oh, and a bowl of bacon.  Why? We are still not quite sure. In true American style it came with a side serve of Maple syrup.