Cupcakes in the City

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The weather regressed on the weekend. It was cold and wet, but not all bad - after all this was the perfect afternoon for a trip to Magnolia Bakery (of Sex and the City fame)!

Magnolia Bakery opened its doors in 1996 on Bleecker Street in the West Village, and has since been credited with starting, what can only be described as, a global cupcake revolution.  
Our Sunday afternoon decadence however, was to be had at the larger, less touristy Columbus Avenue store on the Upper West Side.

After shaking out our umbrellas we entered the store, and (ignoring the cupcakes for juuust a minute.....) we found ourselves in a  very cutesy 1950s style kitchen patisserie with mint-green (or were they blue?) subway tiles, lace window dressings, vintage pendant lights, and a white - with a touch of black, tiled floor.

Behind glass barriers were rows of cupcakes in their frosting uniforms, pastel blue, pastel yellow and pastel pink, white and chocolate brown, pinned with a thumbnail size sugar flower.  But wait.....FULL size cakes! Red velvet, Coconut, Devil's Food Cake, all weighed down by frosting and bursting out of their covers, and then....banana pudding (I’m told this is the real reason to go to Magnolia’s!), brownies and a lemon slice. This was going to be difficult.

But I made a surprisingly quick decision (not usually one of my skills) and got a vanilla chocolate buttercream cupcake, while Mr M (pseudonym) had a very predictable lemon slice. Needless to say I will return for the banana pudding.  I have to admit ,while I enjoyed the cupcake, even after burning my tongue on my cup of tea, the lemon slice was better.

Importantly, although Magnolia Bakery is the mother of the revolution, there are plenty of cupcake comrades out there in NYC. 

Three little cupcakeries I would like to visit (based purely on shop cuteness!) are.....
Little Cupcake Bakeshop – Brooklyn and SoHo/NoLita
Sugar Sweet Sunshine – Lower East Side
Billy’s Bakery - Chelsea, NoLita, TriBeCa
But you want more? Here is a NYC cupcake tour blog from A Baked Creation

Oh, you would like to bake some yourself
Magnolia’s Red Velvet Cupcakes
Jars (yes, Jars!) of Red Velvet Cake, including a link to the 'best ever recipe' (sorry Magnolia)
Better than Magnolia’s banana pudding (another apology)
And some baking tips from Magnolia Bakery itself

* This post was sponsored by the Jenkins family Perth, Australia (thank you :) and inspired by Elly, who I'm sure would have preferred me to get a red velvet cupcake.

Lest we forget


  1. Love this post :) Magnolia cupcakes were the first I had in new york, and they were my favorite for quite a while (certainly *much* better than crumbs). but oh my goodness yesterday I had my first cupcake from Sprinkles, on 60th and Lex... now THAT is a cupcake. It was so full of so many flavors, and it was moist and the frosting was soft and creamy and just a little bit tangy... it was one of the best baked goods I've had in the city ever.

    But of course go back to magnolia and have that banana pudding. It just might change your life :D

  2. Between banana pudding and sprinkles, it is looking like I am going to have to increase my gym attendance ;)