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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Since moving to New York we have had a string of visitors to stay (very happily I might add), and by default, on quite a few occasions, I have become the not-so-official tour guide.

So, you ask....

Where is the one place I really, really like to take people?*

The answer is unlikely to surprise you (given you have seen the title of this post) but humour me for a, it is not Times Square, nor is it Magnolia Bakery or even Carrie’s stoop on Perry Street.

It is (drumroll.....) Brooklyn Flea.

Brooklyn Flea is not just one market, but a series of food/ flea and holiday markets that pop up around Brooklyn and, even occasionally, in Manhattan.  During the non-frigid months, regular outdoor markets in Fort Greene (Saturday) and Williamsburg (Sunday) overflow with vintage and handmade clothing and shoes, and all that retro/vintage furniture and collectibles and artsy crafty things that you always see in design magazines and on TV but never in real life (well, not in real life in Perth, Australia anyway).

Then there are the food oh my! Shame the line for the gourmet Dough donuts was so long (and you want some controversy ?... the word on the street is that gourmet donuts will soon be kicking cupcakes to the curb!).  

And, what's more, in Williamsburg, where the markets are on the East River waterfront, there is also the view, making it my flea market of choice.

So on Sunday, with our latest Aussie lodger in tow, we ventured off Manhattan, taking the L train to Bedford station in Williamsburg. Then, after an emergency coffee stop for my friend (who was fast approaching grumpy) we made our way down to the waterfront to my dear Brooklyn Flea, to admire the view, browse, buy, eat and resist, all in no particular order. And then, after we had had our fill, we caught the East River Ferry ($4) down to DUMBO in search of more views and more delicacies.

Some of the too many vendors to list (yep, these ones are mostly food!):
Davina Zagury Photography
Brooklyn Soda Works
people's pops
Milk Truck
The Good Batch

Want to know how to get to Brooklyn Flea?
Check out the Brooklyn Flea website

*Note: In reality, there is more than one place. But I'll get to the others another day :)

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