Rainy Days in New York City

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hunter rainboots New York City
Corner Columbus Ave and 86th Street

It’s a strange old place, New York City, bitterly cold and snowy in the winter (with the exception of this year) and seriously humid with tropical-style thunderstorms in the late spring/summer - with a lot of rain. 

NYC summer weather tip: be prepared for rain!

So on Monday (after the most gorgeous of weekends) the humid weather came, and with it the  thunderstorms and rain and, of course, the frizzy hair. And it pretty much hasn’t stopped all week. Not great weather for tourists, no, but perfect weather for rainboots (aka gumboots and Wellington boots).

Before moving to NY I thought gumboots were just for farmers, gardeners and children playing in puddles, but now I know better.  Yes when it rains in NYC, the Manolo Blahniks are put away (were they ever really out?) and the gumboots come out.

Green Hunter Rainboots New York City
Corner Columbus Avenue and 87th Street

Light blue Hunter Rainboots New York City
Corner Columbus Avenue and 86th Street

Now I have never been the most fashion conscious, and as such function most often trumps fashion for me, so to see people out and about in fully functional (but fashionable) footwear warms the cockles of my heart. So yesterday I decided to go out and capture some happy snaps of happy feet and, of course, dry pants.

In doing so, I learnt that New Yorkers will look a little hesitant when you first ask if you can take a photo, but as soon as they hear ‘of your boots’, they couldn’t be more obliging – thank you to all my fashion models!  It was a pretty relaxing (although wet) activity, except when I spotted the light blue gumboots heading East (i.e. away from me) at about 100 metres and I proceeded to try to run (in gumboots!) to get the shot. Gumboots may be good for many things, but running is not one of them.

Polkadot Rainboots New York City
Corner Broadway and 84th Street
Fire engine Red Rainboots Hunter New York City
Corner Broadway and 85th Street

Random gumboot wearing tip
Don’t wear gumboots if you are going to have to remove them in public or in a confined space (i.e. going through airport security, trying on clothes etc) as it is not particularly lady-like or easy and may require another set of hands.


  1. So glad you wrote this post & played photo journalist for a day .... color abounds! Thank you!

    1. No, thank you Roolily! Always lovely to get feedback. My venture into shoe photojournalism was shortlived, and a little wet (too hard to manage a camera and an umbrella!), but lots of fun.

  2. Looks like Hilton were impressed with your photo:


    1. Wow! Thanks for letting me know. Seems they were a little sneaky though - says that it was a photo uploaded by user. I might drop them a line...

  3. NY is one of my favorite city ever and it's more beautiful when rainy season comes in NY. love to enjoy all my moments in this city. and talk about this post it's really a great skill to express all your experience in words. thanks for sharing and first boots are so amazing!! I'd love to purchase with the same color.

    1. Hi Susan, Thanks for visiting. I have been away and didn't even see this - sorry about my delayed response :(