Handcrafted Gelato on a Stick.... Mmm

Thursday, June 7, 2012

PopBar New York City Gelato

My gorgeous friend (Miss H) from home flew out yesterday afternoon, but not before we made a last minute trip down to the Village for a well deserved (i.e we had been to the gym) treat.

On the Northern end of Carmine Street, right near the Avenue of the Americas (the much grander name for 6th Ave) we found what we were looking for ; “Handcrafted gelato on a stick” or PopBar.

Upon entering I was initially paralysed with indecision. Hazelnut, chocolate, kiwi, banana, and more, and then there were the toppings; milk chocolate, dark chocolate, coconut, nuts, nut, nuts.... my oh my... so many combinations and permutations!  I eventually settled on coffee with a milk chocolate half dip and coconut. Miss H went for the peanut butter with dark chocolate and hazelnuts. 

PopBar New York West Village Gelato Icecream

Miss H whose super-powers include never being late and always being paparazzi-ready (no, she isn’t a celebrity) ate her gelato ever so daintily (well, except for one gentle drip that made its way onto her jeans). I on the other hand, was in full battle mode, with the gelato making a stellar getaway through my fingers and down my arms to the safety of the pavement below.  Miss H kindly provided me with a wet-one so I could clean myself up.

With the sun shining (after two days of gloom) a Popsicle treat was the perfect finish for 12 days in New York City.

And I have already decided that next time I will have the vanilla with milk chocolate dip and coconut, and help myself to more than one serviette.

PopBar New York City Gelato and toppings


  1. Man. I want one. Now. Damnit.

    1. Nothing similar in Grand Old Ottawa? Home-made? Trip to NYC?