Hike and Hound at Harriman State Park

Friday, June 1, 2012

Harriman State Park Pine Meadow Lake

Sometimes even Central Park isn’t quite enough wilderness.

So on Sunday Mr M and I ventured off Manhattan in search of serenity, fresh air and a much needed dose of sanity.

We weren’t venturing out alone however. Despite not having a dog, we had signed up to go on “Hike and Hound”, a hiking day trip with Discover Outdoors, inviting New Yorkers and their best friends (i.e. hounds) for a day in the woods.

At 9.30am on the corner of Broadway and West 76th St, 11 humans, and 5 dogs (aka dawgs); Otto, CJ, Stella, Cash and Sir Albert (I believe it was the guide who knighted him!) piled into an A-teamesque van for the drive to Harriman State Park, north of NYC.  

Roadtrip and Hiking Dogs

An hour later we arrived a world away from the grime of New York City and, loaded with water and snacks (for both humans and dogs) we set off amongst the trees, for the first time, for the three mile hike to Pine Meadow Lake.  An unconscious hiker*, two ambulances, two park rangers, a police-car and some great teamwork later, we set out for the second time, with two fewer people and our adopted dog for the day. (BTW everyone was ok)

* due to a personal health issue, non hiking related.

Harriman State Park Hiking

Despite the early hiccups, the hike was enjoyed by all (well except those who didn’t get to go), especially the dogs, a couple of which took a much needed dip at Pine Meadow Lake.

On our way back, the guide pulled into a shop to buy some flowers (yes, thoughtful!) before stopping by Sloatsburg library (conveniently located across the road from the hospital) to collect the last two ‘hikers’ from their unique day of adventure.

Ahh, serenity now! Some useful links if you need a getaway
Discover Outdoors

This isn’t a review blog, but Discover Outdoors gets a much coveted golden paw-print from me and the dogs.

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