Fireworks, Hot Dogs + Pavlova

Friday, July 6, 2012
It was on the 4th of July last year (two weeks after our NY arrival) that we realised, as we were attempting to escape the Firework crowds, just how many people live in this city. This year we took a much more enjoyable, albeit more distant, option and attended a '4th of July' celebration on the 24th floor balcony of our NZ friends' Upper West Side apartment. Ahhh, much better.

Here, four couples (representing New Zealand, Australia, Nebraska and California), 8 very energetic little girls and 1 outnumbered boy, enjoyed some very patriotic hot-dogs under the watch of the stars and stripes. The summer weather called for a Pavlova - which I decked out in blueberries and strawberries (yes, like the flag). Despite the Pavlova being rather flat (only my third attempt ever), I was pleased to get a review of "It's awesome!" from one of the young Americans.

After the dusk settled, the fireworks began, and with them oohs and aahs from 7 little girls and tears (at first) from Little Miss S, who had taken the liberty of drawing some much quieter fireworks on the wall during the day (The flag attempts to cover this up, but not very well :)

A big thank you to the V family and friends for a lovely evening.

Flag 4th of July
Making Pavlova
4th of July Pavlova Stars and Stripes
Hot dogs

Making Pavlova
  • I read and followed all the tips
    • Eggs should be at room temperature
    • Leave Pavlova in oven to cool
    • Add the vinegar (or other acid) just as the eggs begin to foam
    • Add sugar slowly
    • BUT it was still flat.
  • I blame this on my inability to find Castor Sugar despite looking in 6 supermarkets (Wholefoods had some priced at $6 for 450g - but that is un-Australian!). Instead I used Superfine sugar - Is it the same thing? Who knows.
  • Pavlova is not really Pavlova without Passionfruit - after searching the entire UWS, I found some frozen pulp (brandname Goya), at Fairway Market on the Upper West Side.
  • Recipe
and now the fireworks, photos taken by our host....

Fireworks New York Independence Day
Fireworks New York 4th of July
Macys Fireworks New York 4th of July


  1. Wow! Very good shots! I'm sure the Pavlova was delicious.

    1. Thanks Erin. I love the first firework photo - taken not by me, but by my friend. And yes, Pavlova always tastes good, with enough cream and fruit on the top. Keep enjoying New York!