Goodbye Upper West Side

Monday, July 30, 2012
Central Park New York City

I sit here surrounded by a half dozen semi-packed boxes, amazed that the one-year lease on our Upper West Side apartment is drawing to a close. Where, oh where has the time gone? 

And with only a couple of days left I have now resigned myself to the fact that I will probably never befriend, or even see for that matter, our (almost) neighbour Matt Damon. This is despite walking past his residence on an almost daily basis. (And no, not as a stalker, I was on my way somewhere!).

But it won't only be Matt Damon that I miss.....

The  American Museum of Natural History is only a ten minute walk away, making it the most visited museum, for me, EVER. Living so close (and getting a year’s membership) meant I could visit whenever I fancied, and I did.

A tip for AMNH visitors; where possible go earlier in the day (less people) and, of course, avoid weekends and holidays.

American Museum of Natural History New York Big Horn Sheep

My guys at my local fruit and vegetable cart, who have catered to most of my F&V needs, and have done so at any time of day or night (well, except Sundays and the day we were expecting Hurricane Irene). Check out all those berries!

Fruit and Veggie Cart Upper West Side

Popping down to Popover cafe, for a slice of the best Keylime Pie I have ever had (also the only, but I am sure it will be hard to beat). I thought this little cafe, hidden, like many things in Manhattan, behind scaffolding, was our little secret until I googled it for the link and saw it described as 'world famous'. Who knew?

Then there is Zabars (of You've Got Mail fame) that has provided us with much needed Australian style cheese, Irish bacon, and enough coffee to keep Mr M in the way he likes to be kept. So everyone is happy.

Zabars Upper West Side

And, of course, integral to our sanity, has been having Central Park as our backyard (albeit shared with every man and his many dogs, and the tourists, and rollerbladers, and joggers and so on and so forth....).

So here we are, saying goodbye to the Upper West Side. And of course, a special good bye to our neighbour Matt, where-ever you are!


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