Road Trip #3 - Grand Teton National Park

Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Over the next couple of days we drove another 500 odd miles from Moab, skirting into Colorado and then back into Utah, through to Jackson Wyoming and finally Jenny Lake Campground in Grand Teton National Park. And as much as we loved Utah, we were relieved to have left the oppressive desert environment behind us for the cool serenity of the Grand Tetons (just South of Yellowstone), which overnight challenged our $10 Walmart Rugs.

And it was our first real chance to see some wildlife. On arrival we had learnt the basics of bear safety - and had our very own bear safe locker at our campsite. We didn't purchase the recommended bearspray before our hike into Cascade Canyon, but did partake in clapping and singing when rounding corners. We obviously scared all the bears off (seeing none!) but not the big bull moose - pictured.

We got up at the crack of dawn the next morning to go find grizzly bears (in the car! with Mr M briefly daring to walk, as I stayed in warm the car, down to the river) but alas... nothing! We did see 2 bison from a very great distance and some antelope, but nothing compared to what we were soon to discover in Yellowstone. 

And I still have a little chuckle to myself at the image of Mr M walking down to the river's edge to see what he could see see see, clapping his hands the whole way down and peering around the corner (but I really shouldn't laugh, bear safety is serious business, seriously!).

Grand Teton National Park
Grand Teton National Park Marmot Wildlife
Grand Teton National Skyline
Grand Teton National Moose
Grand Teton National Cascade Canyon Hike
Grand Teton National Park Cascade Canyon
Grand Teton National Park Cute
Grand Teton National Jenny Lake and Cascade Canyon

Visiting Grand Teton?
Even if you don't stay overnight, a visit to Jackson Lake Lodge is worthwhile just for the vista
Be prepared for some serious camera envy - I was out-zoomed on many an occasion, and this only got worse in Yellowstone.

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