Road Trip #4 - Yellowstone National Park

Monday, July 9, 2012
Over the last 4 days  of our road trip we travelled the Grand Loop at Yellowstone National Park, staying one night at each of four campsites (Grant Village, Canyon, Tower Falls and Madison). We got up early most mornings to see wildlife, beat the crowds, and to ensure we got a campsite (Tower Falls).

And Yellowstone gave us exactly what we came for (well, except for a grizzly bear with cubs sighting or Big Horn Sheep, but mostly...) - gorgeous and varied scenery, wildlife and some pretty great choc-mint chip ice-cream (although I am told I should have tried the Huckleberry flavour!).

The numerous wildlife sightings, including a coyote, elk, bears, pronghorn antelope and more Bison (aka Buffalo) than you can poke a stick at (nor would you) started messing with my mind a little. By by day three I was excitedly pointing out wildlife which more often than not turned out to be large rocks, tree stumps or tree shadows (and not a whole herd of bison relaxing on a hillside.... each one under a tree). 

Despite my safety concerns being largely bear focused, Bison are a more present danger in Yellowstone. To the untrained eye (i.e. ours) they are just like rather stocky cows, seem just as harmless and are good, cheap entertainment. They just mosy down the di da.., stopping to have a scratch, a good look around or to feed their calves, causing many a 'Bison Jam'. We did, however witness one poor lady with her service dog (which looked remarkedly like a coyote) get chased down by a very protective mother Bison - and those horns are nasty. All were okay, but consider yourself warned.

Similar to a Bison Jam, is a Bear Jam - however this involves one bear down an embankment (see photo), and 20-odd cars - sometimes just parked in the middle of the road - all just part of the Yellowstone experience.

And some pics for you - Hold your cursor over pictures for description....

View from hill just off Fairy Falls Hike Yellowstone

Stagecoach Cookout Tour Yellowstone Roosevelt
Stagecoach Cookout Tour Yellowstone Roosevelt
Yellowstone Bison Drive - by Photo
Cause of Bear Jam Yellowstone
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Bison at Geyser
Lake Yellowstone Morning
Hot springs and Geysers Yellowstone
Field near Old Faithful Yellowstone
Crowd waits for Old Faithful Yellowstone
After Yellowstone we drove to Driggs, Idaho to drop off our trusty campervan (BTW, I strongly recommend Campervan North America  - so nice to deal with real people and Bob even drove us to the airport in Jackson).  A million hours later we arrived home at 2am in the morning - exhausted!

And, as this is my last Road Trip installment, our final trip stats:
And the promised photo of our campervan

Campervan North America Jenny Lake Campsite Grand Teton

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