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Monday, August 6, 2012
Brooklyn apartment brownstone

After a week in our new apartment and a trip to Ikea we are pretty much settled into our new home, at the rear of the third floor (hence the apartment number 3R) of a 112 year old Brooklyn Heights brownstone. All our windows (all three of them) look out over the garden of our landlord, who lives on the ground floor, and an old church with stained glass windows. Quite lovely really.

After 112 years, and countless coats of paint (required every three years by the New York Housing Maintenance Code) our apartment is in pretty good shape, albeit a little crooked, slopey (which apparently is not a word according to spell-check) and creaky. And I am so pleased with how well our furniture (by Craigslist) fits into the place. It is still a little empty, but feels homely enough.   

We have already adjusted to the regular rumbling of the subway which runs directly under our building, a sound I had initially put down to thunder, and that we suspect caused Mr M’s nightmare of being pounded by consecutive tsunamis. We have installed our BYO air-conditioner New York style (i.e. just shoved in the window and plugged in). We have tested out the strength of the corroded fire escape (which would support a falling air-conditioner) and found the local Laundromat. We have instigated a one person policy for our micro- kitchen and doubled the useable bench space by placing a wooden board over the stove (genius!)

And on Saturday morning, after three 'no-show' appointments, countless phone calls and a little lost sanity, the Time Warner Cable guy showed up to hook up our internet, which Mr M declared to be 'a Christmas miracle'.

I have taken some photos of the place, minus the bathroom (because it has no windows and doesn’t photograph well). Welcome to Brooklyn.

And that fridge is smaller than it looks.

Brooklyn apartment brownstone view
Brooklyn apartment brownstone furniture
Brooklyn apartment brownstone fire escape
Brooklyn apartment brownstone bedroom
Brooklyn apartment brownstone fire place
Brooklyn apartment brownstone dining and kitchen


  1. So cute! I love it! I see a lot of New Yorkers with the boards over their stove. Good space saving idea!

    1. Thanks Erin. We love it too! Are you still in NYC?

  2. Hey Suzy...I love your pics! You're a natural! So I guess this move means you guys aren't coming home anytime soon?

    1. Thanks Taryn! No, no plans to come home just yet. Hoping to sneak in a holiday trip sometime though.