Sunday Evening at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Janes Carousel Brooklyn Bridge Park

Now that I live in Brooklyn Heights, I have swapped Central Park for Brooklyn Bridge Park, a very different and smaller, but no less lovely destination.  So at around 6pm on a perfect Sunday (weather-wise) my visiting friend and I put on our New York summer dresses (mine being particularly Carrie Bradshaw-esque) and headed to the park for some general merriment.  

And it was general merriment that was had. We enjoyed a spin on Jane’s Carousel with all the other children ;) and then took a seat on the grass between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges to take in the view of Manhattan just as the sun began to set. Importantly, this allowed me a chance to recover from my Carousel-induced motion sickness (just imagine if it had been a roller-coaster!).

Manhattan view from Brooklyn Bridge Park

As dusk took hold we took a short stroll around DUMBO after which we sipped champagne on the very tiny deck of the rather expensive but perfectly located River Cafe. Now here is a little secret for you – sometimes, just sometimes, if you ask nicely and their ‘mini’ bar is not too busy with customers with dinner reservations (and you are wearing pretty dresses – there is a dress code), you can pop in just for a drink. We chose to take ours on the little deck with spectacular views. 

After salivating over the menu we took off and ordered some more appropriately priced (for us) Japanese takeaway from Ozu on Clarke Street to eat on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Oh, what a night! Seriously, any visitor to NYC (or local) should spend a summer evening like this! And don’t forget the pretty dresses.

River Cafe Brooklyn
View from River Cafe Brooklyn
Ice creamery and River Cafe Brooklyn

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