Grimaldi's Pizza - Worth the Wait

Monday, September 3, 2012
Grimaldis Pizza Brooklyn Bridge Park

On Thursday night, we (being Mr M, Miss D, The G and myself) took a stroll along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade down to DUMBO to do what many may think is a little crazy...lining up for Grimaldi’s Pizza.  Grimaldi’s Pizza is said to make the best pizza in New York City, with its coal brick ovens and perfect pizza dough, and this location under the Brooklyn Bridge it is the perfect draw card for tourists who line up, half way down the road day after day after day. And today was our turn.

Upon our initial approach we hesitated,“Could it is really be that good?” “How long do you think the wait is?” “Should we try somewhere else?” “We could just get a hot dog", a conversation that I am sure must be repeated over and over in this queue. But, we didn’t turn away. We were there and we were committed.
Grimaldis Pizza Line
The line moved relatively quickly and before we knew it (20 minutes later) we were ordering our pizza.  The establishment was incredibly organised, if not a little ‘soup nazi-ish’, and after sending in our lone representative to order, we then all stood obediently outside with our number 94, awaiting our thin crust, pepperoni, roasted peppers and ricotta pizza (our concoction) and Miss D and The G’s ham, olive and mushroom.
Grimaldis Pizza Brooklyn

Upon receipt of our pizza (after a little more than the stated 20 minutes) we made a dash to the tables and chairs near Jane’s Carousel on the waterfront. After a quick photo (much to the dismay of Mr M who just wanted to eat his pizza, but received a hand slap instead) we sat down to enjoy our dinner.
Any other pizza on a trip to NYC? Fuggedaboutit.
But you can also go to Grimaldi's elsewhere  (Hoboken, Queens, Manhattan)- surely they would be the same, and perhaps you wouldn't have to wait so long. But Grimaldi's Pizza on the Brooklyn waterfront with the Manhattan skyline for a back drop makes the wait worth it.

Grimaldi's in Brooklyn is at 1 Front Street, just up the road from the East River Ferry and the Brooklyn Ice creamery.

Photos by Miss D (thank you!)


  1. What a perfect spot for dinner with a view! There's something very New York about waiting in line for the perfect slice makes that first bite so much better!:-)

    1. It was so good, we will probably do it again, wait and all. And yes, what a view!