My name is Suzy, and I'm a new New Yorker. My husband (lets call him 'Mr M' - I'm not sure if he wanted a pseudonym for his privacy, or because it was a little James Bond like), but anyway....

Mr M and I left Perth, Australia in mid 2011 to start new lives in New York - he as a student and I, well, as a 'dependent' (thanks to my immigration papers!).

I love travel, board-games, exploring new neighbourhoods, ice-cream, fairy lights, getting great deals on a budget, Central Park, Brooklyn Flea and interrogating new people. I love dogs and absolutely have to mute the TV and cover my eyes when that RSPCA advertisement with Sarah McLachlan comes on.

And of course, I love New York (well on most days!), but do miss home and all that it has, including my little dog.

And the blog? Well, I like taking photos and am a wanna-be writer and I needed an outlet - so here I am!